What are the uses of various additives in lubricating oil

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(1) The functions of clean dispersant include solubilization, dispersion, acid neutralization and adsorption.

(2) Antioxidant and anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion additives are used to inhibit the oxidation process of oil products, and passivate the catalytic effect of metals on oxidation, so as to prolong the use of oil products and protect machines.

(3) The function of the pour point depressant is to reduce the freezing point of the oil product, so that the oil product maintains good fluidity at low temperatures, and improves the low temperature starting performance of the engine.

(4) Viscosity index improvers can increase the viscosity of oil products, especially to meet the low temperature performance requirements of oil products.

(5) The oily agent and extreme pressure antiwear agent can react chemically with the metal surface to form a chemical reaction film to prevent wear, abrasion and fusion welding of the metal surface.

(6) The role of the rust inhibitor includes forming an adsorbent protective layer on the metal surface, preventing the corrosion medium from contacting the metal, and playing a rust prevention role.

(7) The main function of the anti-foaming agent is to suppress the generation of foam, so as not to form a stable foam, which can be adsorbed on the foam film to form an unstable film, thereby achieving the purpose of destroying the foam.

(8) The anti-emulsifier can change the tension of the oil/water interface, separate the oil and water, and achieve the purpose of improving the anti-emulsification performance of the oil.


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