Lubricating grease performance changes during mixing

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In the use of grease, the mixing of different greases is inevitable, but it should be noted that the change of properties after mixing does not affect the use. Dense-sealed bearings are sealed with high-grade long-life grease at one time, which can extend the life cycle of the grease and prevent staining, and save the trouble of regular grease, which is the most ideal. However, some bearings must also be open and must be supplemented with grease in accordance with regulations. In this case, mixing of different greases is sometimes inevitable. However, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur due to mixing with grease that should not be replenished as specified. The properties of some different greases mixed with each other are not arithmetically additive as expected, but unexpected performance changes occur, especially some properties are deteriorated. In order to grasp the changes during mixing and prevent deterioration accidents, it is necessary to bear in mind the changes and laws of the properties of several main commonly used greases after they are mixed to facilitate the lubrication work and give full play to the characteristics of the grease.

General soap base grease mixed performance changes

    (1) The grease is mixed with sodium, barium, and lithium-based greases, which will not have a bad effect on performance, and may also improve its temperature resistance and durability and other properties. When mixed with 20%~40% sodium frog fat, it will show a drop point, and when mixed with 70%, the drop point will increase significantly.

    (2) The sodium-based grease mixed with 10% calcium, barium or lithium-based grease has little effect, but when mixed with 20%, the effect is greater. When mixed with bentonite grease or silicone grease, it has almost no effect on performance. Only when the mixing amount is large, it shows the performance of mixing grease. Sodium base grease mixed with lithium base grease to 50% shows softening phenomenon, mixed with 75% is still compatible.

    (3) When lithium-based grease is mixed with about 10% of sodium-based or barium-based grease, it has a greater impact on its performance, mainly due to the drop point and deterioration of the service life. However, when mixed with about 10% calcium-based grease, the performance impact is small. The effect when mixed with bentonite grease or silicone grease is slightly larger than when mixed with calcium-based grease.

    (4) When barium-based grease is mixed with a small amount of sodium or lithium-based grease, its performance will also be affected. But when mixed with calcium-based grease, bentonite or silicone grease, the effect is small.

    (5) The effect of mixing bentonite grease and silicone glue is very small.



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