China becomes the main force of technology research and development in the global oil and gas field

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China Petroleum News “The era of easy oil and gas exploration is over, and the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry is increasingly dependent on technological innovation. In 2012, the number of first patent applications in the global oil and gas field reached a peak, totaling 25.807 million, with patent applications with China as the priority 54%. China has become the main force of technology research and development in the global oil and gas field." On September 18, China’s largest petroleum economic and technological information resource center, the China Petroleum Economic and Technical Research Institute, released the "Report on the Development of Foreign Petroleum Science and Technology (2014)" in Beijing. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Report").

  The "Report" analyzes that today's world oil and gas exploration and production are facing multiple challenges such as requalification and inferior quality of resources, complicated development conditions and strict environmental protection requirements. Among the resources to be discovered, the proportion of conventional resources that are easy to mine shrinks year by year, with conventional resources on land accounting for only 11%, conventional resources on sea accounting for 4%, and non-conventional resources accounting for more than half, reaching 52%.

  In order to meet the extremely challenging resource opportunities in the future, major international oil companies are competing to launch technological innovations in deepwater, Arctic, unconventional, and old oilfields to improve recovery. The number of patent applications in the global oil and gas sector has increased significantly. "Report" shows that from 2004 to 2013, the world's oil and gas field averaged 47,000 applications per year, compared with the previous 10 years, an increase of nearly 1.4 times. Among the 11 major innovation countries, China has been active, and its innovation achievements have increased year by year. The proportion of patent applications that have priority has risen from 9% in 2003 to 54% in 2012, becoming the driving force for global drilling, oil and gas exploration, and oil refining. The main force for the growth of patent applications in the field.

  At the press conference, the "Report" preparation team reviewed the latest developments in world oil hotspot technologies such as enhanced oil recovery technology, key oil development key technologies, Arctic oil and gas exploration and development technology, deep-water and ultra-deep water exploration and development technology, world heavy oil processing technology, etc. For analysis and forecasting.

  The release of the "Report" coincides with the year of my country's "13th Five-Year" scientific and technological development plan, and will provide a reliable basis for the formulation of China's petroleum technology innovation and development plan. The research and tracking technology of "Report" is closely integrated with the development needs of China's petroleum business, and has practical significance to guide the development and progress of actual work.


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