Some application fields of food grade grease

2020-05-15 15:04:59 Shenzhen Hecheng 0

Food grade greases are widely used in the following fields:

◇In beer and beverage machinery and equipment, the most critical part is the filling machine. Its wine tank, dispenser, filling valve and gland head are in contact with beer and beverages, and these parts must use food-grade lubrication fat.

  ◇The production equipment of food packaging materials needs to use food grade grease. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), PET bottles, PET cans, PVC bottles, etc. used for beverage packaging are all internal packaging that are in direct contact with food. The production equipment for these food packaging materials is lubricated All H1 food grade greases should be selected in accordance with the prescribed hygiene standards.

  ◇Dairy production equipment is made of stainless steel material, the bearings used are all sealed life, the driving gear and other components are also made closed, isolated from the product or water. Among them, the valves and homogenizers through which dairy products flow need to be lubricated with food-grade grease.

   ◇ Soda and ice cream manufacturing machinery has a wide distribution area and poor production conditions, and generally does not have good lubrication management conditions. Among them, all mechanical friction parts that may come into contact with food products require the use of food-grade lubricating grease. If necessary, refined coconut oil, refined castor oil or refined palm oil can be used instead of white oil to prevent food contamination.

   ◇The lubricating grease for sugar-making machinery is the same as the lubricating grease for other food industry machinery. In particular, the processes that may come into contact with the finished sugar should be paid more attention. In general, white oil that is deeply refined with sulfuric acid is used to improve its oiliness. Sometimes, refined animal oils such as castor oil and coconut oil are added. The lubrication of rolling bearings in sugar machinery requires the use of food grade grease.

◇Many of the equipment used in the processing of fruits and vegetables need to use a lot of water at room temperature and higher temperatures, which is susceptible to the influence of water mist or spray impact and cause the loss of grease and lubricants, especially various cleaning machines and cleaning disinfection machines . Therefore, it is required to use food-grade grease with good protective properties and resistance to water spray.

   ◇ Food grade grease is also widely used in feed production machinery and drinking water transmission and distribution pipeline industry.


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