The strong R&D strength is-you provide the most suitable products.
For grease manufacturers, R&D is the basis of innovative products. We are committed to the research of applied oils in different fields, understand the actual needs of customers, and develop oils in a targeted manner. While continuously improving the capabilities of our R&D team, we have introduced advanced technologies at home and abroad, cooperated in development, mastered the latest developments in the industry, and become a pioneer in the lubricating grease industry.

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R & D process

  • User needs

  • Basic analysis

  • Total assessment

  • Trial production

  • Physical and chemical testing

  • Simulation experiment

  • User exchange and sharing
    and clinical trials

  • R&D completed

Lubrication customization

  • Grease customization

    In order to meet the customer's needs, we are constantly developing greases for various special environments applications.

  • Packaging customization

    In order to meet the needs of different customers, we customize lubricating grease packaging according to customer requirements


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