Ignition switch contact lubrication

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Difficulties of ignition switch contact lubrication:
※、Large working current, easy to produce arc when the switch is on or off;


Ignition switch contact lubrication

Difficulties of ignition switch contact lubrication:

※, the working current is large, and the arc is easy to produce when the switch is turned on and off;

※ Ordinary grease is easily oxidized or even burned, and it has no protective effect.

※, poor durability life, it is difficult to meet the life requirements of 50,000 times or more.


※, Add anti-oxidation additives and metal deactivator to reduce and prevent the oxidation reaction of contact metal;

※, using perfluoropolyether base oil, has particularly excellent chemical and physical stability;

※ The switch requires low contact pressure drop, and base oil with too thick oil film cannot be used.

Simulation bench experiment

basic introduction:

※ The test bench system can carry out durability test on common switches such as ignition switch, car door lock cylinder, combination switch, rocker switch, key switch, rearview mirror switch, etc. Need a specially designed stand.

※ The test stand is divided into three stations, and the three stations can test one set of switch, one set of ignition switch and three sets of rocker switches at the same time. All three stations can simulate the load of the switch and monitor its voltage drop at any time. The change in voltage drop can reflect the wear of the contact point of the switch point.


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