Electric push rod lubrication solution

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Main lubrication problems of electric push rod gears:
※The noise is large, and the noise reduction effect of the grease during the gear rotation is not good;


Electric push rod lubrication solution

Main lubrication problems of electric push rod gears:

※Large noise, poor noise reduction effect of grease during gear rotation;

※The grease on the screw is accumulated on both ends, there is no grease on the screw;

※ Grease is not strong against extreme pressure, grease is easily lost;

※It is incompatible with plastic gears and causes broken teeth;

※Under high load conditions, the service life of grease can not meet the requirements;

※Strict environmental protection requirements, many oils and fats have not passed relevant environmental certification;


※Choose the appropriate consistency and add solid anti-wear lubricating materials to improve the noise reduction performance;

※Select the appropriate viscosity of grease to ensure that the grease does not accumulate;

※Add anti-extreme pressure additives to ensure the load capacity of the screw motor;

※It is necessary to select lubricating grease blended with synthetic base oil to enhance the service life of the grease;

※Use grease with good plastic compatibility;

※To meet the requirements of the current market, all toy products must meet environmental protection requirements. ...



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